Market Commentary

Quarterly Telescope Q2 2020

Welcome to our latest QUARTERLY TELESCOPE. We hope these quarterlies provide you with greater insight into our thoughts on global assets as well as how your global funds are being managed. In this quarter’s Telescope, Pieter Hundersmarck discusses how our portfolios are currently positioned, our asset allocation, as well as our thoughts on the ‘optically … Continued

Why you shouldn’t bet against the US stock market

By Kyle Wales As published by on 07 June, 2020 America is likely to remain the captain of the fourth industrial revolution. Much has been said about the degree to which US stocks have outperformed their global counterparts. Over the last 10 years[1],  owning US stocks has returned 13% compounded per annum (in USD) … Continued

It’s time to get serious about diversifying your assets

By Pieter Hundersmarck As published by Glacier on May 29, 2020 South Africans’ endurance in the face of hardship is being sorely tested. Firstly, by the economic lockdown of their businesses and the negative effect this is having on their livelihoods; secondly, by the government’s highly restrictive curbs on their personal freedoms; and, finally, by … Continued

Invest with your gut

By Pieter Hundersmarck 26 May 2020 “In the stock market, the most important organ is the stomach. It’s not the brain.” – Peter Lynch Nearly 40 years ago, on June 1, 1980, Ted Turner launched CNN, the first 24-hour news operation. At the time of CNN’s launch, American TV news was dominated by three major … Continued