Other Services

An individually tailored portfolio management service offered to private clients, based on an agreed investment mandate and constructed on a basis that is consistent with the Flagship investment philosophy and House View on “core” investments.

The following principles are considered in drawing up the mandate:

  • The required level of income
  • The need for income to grow at a rate ahead of inflation
  • The need for long term capital growth in excess of inflation
  • Any other personalised requirements

The Flagship Investment Philosophy integrates with the requirements of the mandate:

  • To ensure the security of clients’ capital by investing in a diversified portfolio focused on the better quality securities listed on the JSE All Share
  • If required, to add international exposure via Flagship’s offshore investment capability
  • To obtain the most competitive interest rates on cash balances

In addition to targeting superior long-term performance, the Flagship service offering includes:

  • Transfer of existing portfolios to Flagship’s custodian at no cost to the client
  • Complete segregation of client funds
  • Portfolios to be registered in the clients own name and held and administered by an independent, approved custodian
  • Cash balances will be held by an independent, leading bank
  • Dividend and interest collections, rights issues and all other corporate actions managed seamlessly
  • Capital and income distributions to pre agreed accounts only
  • All FICA related requirements dealt with on behalf of the client
  • Independent governance and compliance
  • All relevant tax related reporting supplied in the correct formats, including Capital Gains and Income Tax reports
  • Detailed quarterly and annual reporting

Portfolio size and fees

  • Minimum of R3m and above for tailored portfolios
  • No upfront fees
  • Fees on sliding scale based on market value
  • Full transparency and no layering of fees
  • Competitive rates with custodians and stockbrokers

Tax Free Savings Account offer Flagship clients the following features:

  • All returns will be tax free in the hands of the individual who owns them
  • There is no limit on the growth on the investments
  • No tax on dividends
  • No income tax
  • No tax on capital gains

An individual may contribute up to R36 000 per year, with a lifetime contribution limit of R500 000.


At Flagship Asset Management, there are no initial fees and no fees to administer the TFSA.
The only fees applicable will be the fund management fee levied on the underlying fund.

Investment Options

Flagship TFSA investors can invest in the Flagship IP Worldwide Flexible Fund (FWFF).
This fund has won four consecutive Raging Bull awards (2004 to 2007) and a further Raging Bull award in 2015, five Standard & Poors awards and one Micropal award and is managed by Pieter Hundersmarck and Kyle Wales.

The strategy of the Flagship IP Worldwide Flexible Fund is to manage the portfolio actively in terms of asset classes, geographies, and currency allocation (switching between equities, bonds, property, and cash as market circumstances dictate, with no restriction on percentage allocation). Interim movements in the market will not be ignored and will be acted upon to exploit opportunities to add value or protect the value of the portfolio.

(Please click HERE to view the latest fact sheet)


For detailed information of the TFSA offered by Flagship, please view our Product Guide & FAQ.

Flagship uses Investec Bank’s online banking facility to provide its clients with a secure online banking environment in which to transact.

Corporate Cash Manager provides Flagship with the ability to:

  • Open, close and manage accounts on behalf of clients
  • Make electronic payments on instruction from clients
  • Provide detailed client reports

The interest rate Investec Bank pay is based on the aggregate value of Flagship’s total call funds. This means that our clients receive a higher interest rate.

Flagship uses the SWISSQUOTE banking and investment management platform to provide clients with the ability to have all their offshore investments in one place.

Investors can, with the completion of a single application form:

  • open multiple currency accounts
  • have the ability to invest in listed worldwide assets, such as equities, bonds, listed property and mutual funds
  • pay beneficiaries online in currency of choice
  • receive accurate online reporting on all their offshore assets
  • apply for a multi-currency VISA credit card

Importantly, assets held by Swissquote do not require probate to be opened in Switzerland. This is not the case in many other investment centres such as Guernsey, Ilse of Man, British Virgin Island and Cayman Islands.